As CHDC takes humanistic spirit seriously, so CHDC reconsidered what was the eternally popular design in lighting, and that was the traditional lighting. There are many articles that have their own unbeaten and endurable styles even after evolution. Lighting is no exception, so in recent years, CHDC has devoted its effort to develop traditional lighting, and integrated its strengths of designing LED lighting. So that, the traditional lighting has not only a timeless classic appearance but also the function of saving power with environmentally friendly LED lighting source. It just goes back the nature of lighting. The situation of entertainment and fun are just for temporary. Making people feel reliable and secure is truthfully long-time companionship.

Furthermore, “Emphasizing Credit, Quality First" is the company's biggest asset. CHDC is no exception. That is why CHDC has so many long-term customers. In order to improve the customer’s trust and let brand impression of CHDC embed in customers, CHDC started the brand reformation from 2013, trying to give customers a new look but with the same entrepreneurial spirit!

Finally, CHDC had more than ten years experience in lighting development and trading professions. Our good credit and efficiency of corporate personality has already accumulated a lot of long-term customers. Therefore, we are able to connect different materials manufacturers and channels efficiently. In recent years, CHDC plays a role of strategic partner to help hoteliers and other customers to make different customized lighting for the market segmentation. We create benefits for customers and develop several new products to provide customers with multiple choices every year.